How to Remove Color From Sprites Using GIMP 2.10

OBJECTIVE: Remove the color from an animated shield sprite sheet so we can assign a color from a C# script

The first step is to copy the sprites to a new directory.

I have created a new folder and named it “Player_Shield_White” and placed it on my desktop so I can easily locate it. There are only 15 frames we have to process.

In the picture above the “Shields_00001.png” has already been “bleached” of all colors. Its original blue can be seen below. Select the first file and select “Open”

After the png has loaded, select the “Colors” tab, navigate to “Saturation”, and click to open. Reduce the “Scale” to “0”, then select “OK”. Select “File” then click on “Overwrite Shields_00001.png” then repeat the process with the remaining png files.

By using the above code we can change the color of our shields as we take on enemy fire.

Until the next time….



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