How to Format Your Unity Games for the Web

Sharing an early version of your game on the web can be a quick way to get feedback from family and friends. The process of creating a “Web GL” build will allow you to do just that.

Under file select “Build Settings”

If you haven’t installed the “Web GL” yet, select “Install with Unity Hub”

Select “DONE” to continue the install.

The Web GL icon will be displayed after the install is complete. Close Unity and restart it after the “Web GL” install is complete…

Click on “Switch Platform”

Unity will start compiling your scripts for HTML 5 to support the Web GL build.

Click on “Build”.

Create and or select a destination folder for the Web GL build.

Our build starts…

When the compiling process completes our selected destination folder is populated with the Web GL build. The next step is to put the files on your website or your local web server on your pc. For more information on setting up your own local web server check out XAMPP at…Until next time…



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